Form Is the Illusion

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Form is the Illusion is a book about Relationship Theory, an unusual system of metaphysics developed by the late David Douglas Thompson. Relationship Theory addresses questions of ontology and epistemology in a way that is likely to be of interest to pagans and occultists.

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Announcing The Book of Onei: An Antinomian Dream Grimoire

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The complete Book of Onei is now available through LuLu in paperback and e-book format – including all the poems, spells, myths, and rituals excerpted here on this blog as well as many others. This book is the most personal work I have ever published and represents more than a decade of composition and revision and nearly two decades of active work in oneiromancy.

It reflects my love of visionary poets like William Blake and Li Ho, the influence of my father’s strange philosophy, and years of patient assistance and counsel from friends old and new. Without the extensive editorial assistance of Bob Giordano this book would not exist in its present form. Zoe Dantzinger also deserves special mention for reading over the final version of the book before its release. Finally, I’d like to thank Lorna Smithers, whose amazing review of The Book of Onei can be found here.

For readers of my Noctiviganti novels, this is a further and deeper exploration of night wandering and dream magic in a context that is not entirely fictional.

For readers familiar with Form is the Illusion: A Magical Philosophy, this is the application of the same concepts in magical practice.

Readers of my Gods and Radicals articles will recognize similar themes and images, as well as a few of the poems. This book, on the surface, is less political than my work for Gods and Radicals – but only on the surface.

More than anything else, this book is a record of my most personal work – the work I’ve been doing for many years now and expect to keep doing for the rest of my life. The poems, stories, and rituals in the Book of Onei are only a glimpse – Onei itself is limitless.


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New Book: Lessons of the Broadsword Masters

“Lessons of the Broadsword Masters”

by Christopher Scott Thompson


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The most comprehensive book ever written on the art of fencing with the basket-hilted Highland broadsword, including every major technique and concept from broadsword and backsword masters Donald McBane (1728), Thomas Page (1746), Andrew Lonnergan (1771), Captain G. Sinclair (1790), Archibald MacGregor (1791), Henry Angelo (1799), John Taylor (1804), and Thomas Mathewson (1805).




  • Fundamental Skills
  • Plain Playing
  • Timing
  • Slipping the Leg
  • Slipping the Body
  • Double Attacks
  • The Feint
  • The Invitation
  • Actions on the Blade
  • Disarms
  • Counter-Disarms
  • Set Play
  • Loose Play
  • The Grounds of the Sword
  • Traversing Footwork
  • Double Weapons (sword and targe, sword and buckler, sword and dagger, etc.)
  • The style of the stage gladiators
  • The style of the Highland Regiments
  • The training curriculum of the Cateran Society
  • The history of broadsword and backsword fencing
  • Nearly 500 separate training exercises


Christopher Scott Thompson is the founder of the Cateran Society and the author of several books on the Highland broadsword and related topics, including Highland Broadsword from Paladin Press and the self-published Broadsword Academy and Lannaireachd: Gaelic Swordsmanship.


Lannaireachd was an early attempt to interpret the Highland broadsword style for modern historical fencers, and it contains inaccuracies and errors of interpretation. Despite its limitations, it did feature beautiful illustrations by Bob Giordano that Paladin Press chose not to include when they published Highland Broadsword. When Highland Broadsword was first published by Paladin, the state of research into the historical art of broadsword fencing was much less advanced than it is today. As a result, the book focused almost exclusively on the methods of Henry Angelo and neglected the wealth of information available from other sources. Broadsword Academy was meant to address this deficiency. However, Broadsword Academy did not include clear and complete instruction on the basics because that information was already included in Highland Broadsword. When Paladin Press went out of business in 2017, the copyright for Highland Broadsword reverted to the author, and it finally became possible to create a new book containing both basic instruction and complete, detailed information on the techniques of all eight broadsword masters studied by the Cateran Society.


This book contains text from all three works as well as Enclose and Command: How to Fight with Weapons. However, the material has been rearranged in a clear and logical order and expanded considerably to include nearly 500 training drills, as well as several of the Bob Giordano illustrations originally published in Lannaireachd. In addition, all text has been rewritten to use gender-neutral language. Extensive quotes from the manuals allow readers to directly compare the techniques of McBane, Page, Lonnergan, Sinclair, MacGregor, Angelo, Taylor, and Mathewson in chronological order, tracing the development of broadsword fencing over time.


Lessons of the Broadsword Masters is meant to be the most complete and useful reference work yet published on the use of the Highland broadsword, replacing all previous books by the author on the same topic. It will be useful for broadsword instructors, HEMA practitioners, and interested martial artists of all styles.


And Don’t Forget “Scorners of Death: Fighting Skills of the Medieval Gaelic Warrior”


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Powers Glimpsed in Onei

The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.


The powers of Onei are infinite in number. To receive guidance from one of these powers, visualize the entity every night until you receive an answer – but be careful who you ask.


 The Red Boar- a mother boar fiercely defending her baby while a man kneels on the ground nearby and dips her Blood Spear into a well filled with all the blood shed on Earth. Take it directly from the fountain of dreams, and not from the dragon gate inscriptions.


The Acolyte- an angel weeping in a crypt, imprisoned for bearing corrupted scriptures or forbidden knowledge to earth. Is this the only reason to fall? Or to slay or be slain? I corrupted my message with lies, causing the sons of mirth to sing false songs to the listening lords.


The Bloodstone- a megalithic altar of blood sacrifice beside the ocean. The world was made from the blood of sacrifice.


The Exiles- exiled aristocrats begging for food and drink. There was an unpleasant side to the faces of the gods. They melted like butter.


The Haunting- an invisible but horrifying presence. The silent emptiness of the lonely places, the awful quietness of a locked room.


The Keeper of Dust- an aged librarian whose books are fading and crumbling into dust. All works must fade. Not even in the most subtle sense will they survive.


The Leviathan- a great whale with a staring eye. A massive, marked-out whale, a rebel against the Law.


The Lion’s Mouth- a fierce king who threatens death and horror unless you do evil on his behalf. To fear the evil and to love the good, and so do evil thereby, or to fear no evil and love no good and so remain unstained.


The Livik- an old mystic who found a number code in an old book, the solution of which is a blank page. Do not hold on to that which cannot be used to destroy the world.


Lord One-Eye- the ruler of Castle One-Eye and keeper of the Oliac Axis, a key that allows access to any level of Faery. Lord One-Eye is a bedridden but dangerous old vampire. He commands an army of automata. The Dreamer came and took the Oliac Axis from him while looking for the Red Queen. You must learn that you know nothing, to discover some strange, unpleasant thing.


The Shy Girl- a small girl who lives in a place haunted by a powerful ghost leader. You need to stop trying to understand. Sometimes a thing has five meanings, but grown-ups always want it to have one.


Wine into Water- a teacher who turns dark wine into holy water. Every speck in the city is a universe. There is no salvation, because there is nothing in you to save or be damned. There is only the infinite.


The Legion- The Archons who control the world through the control of dreams. The Lords of the Earth are cloaked in power; power keeps them warm.


The Beast- a monstrous demonic man, a cannibalistic killer and sorcerer. He serves the Shapeshifter.


The Falling Sun- an apocalyptic demonic god, a comet or fireball falling on a city. It seeks entrance to our world. The War of the Book was fought to keep it from gaining the power of the Book.


The Fell Sisters- triumphantly evil nuns with white eyes, marbleized faces, and long disheveled black hair. Members of the Legion.


The Ghost Leader- a member of the Legion. He haunts the mountains and offers initiation into his corrupt tradition.


Mr. Triumph- a seldom-seen but very dangerous sorcerer who lives in a remote house in the country with the evil toys he calls his “worms.” A branch covered with red berries keeps him trapped, because he can’t remove it himself.


The Seventh Man- an albino demon in purple robes, a servant of the Shapeshifter. He makes threats and offers bargains.


The Shapeshifter- a ferocious child-haunting goddess or queen of demons who can change into many terrifying shapes and forms. She mesmerizes victims with the power of her will, and she is great among the Legion.


When you meet a demon, dissolve yourself.


– from the Book of Onei, Part III: The Powers of Onei


Image by Edouard Cibot

The Caesar Stones

The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.


The eyeless hermit waits in the desert and tends the Caesar Stones. You may appeal to them for guidance.


I’ve walked across this desert now for days.

The eyeless hermit waits beside the lake

Without a drop to soothe a pilgrim’s ache.


The young girl asks me if I want to speak,

And I approach him, though my tongue feels thick.

He has no words. His teeth just hiss and click.


The Caesar Stones reveal themselves. A voice

Calls out across the salt flats: “Find me here.”

The hermit laughs. The maiden starts in fear.


– from the Book of Onei, Part III: The Powers of Onei


Image by Henry Fuseli

The False Prophet

The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.

Clear water from a sacred stream

Has sanctified your vow,

But you remind me of a dream

That none remembers now.


You took a year I’d made of loss

And healed it in a day.

But that, I knew, would bear a cost

I wouldn’t care to pay.


Now none remembers what you said,

The grief upon your brow.

You told us all to worship dread-

And who remembers now?


– from the Book of Onei, Part III: The Powers of Onei


Image by Mihaly Zichy