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My name is Christopher Scott Thompson, or C.S. Thompson for short. I’m the author of “Pagan Anarchism” from Gods and Radicals, and a regular contributor to the Gods and Radicals website. I’m a polytheist, anarchist and antifascist, and I’ve been training and teaching the use of historical weapons for almost twenty years.

I also write fiction, nonfiction and poetry in several different genres. This page includes information on my most popular or well-known projects.

THE CATERAN SOCIETY: An organization devoted to the historical martial art of the basket-hilted Highland broadsword. Several books available:

Broadsword Academy: Second Edition

The Cateran Society Online Apprenticeship Program

THE NOCTIVIGANTI SERIES: A dark urban fantasy series based in the imaginary city of Nottamun. All of this material is now out of print or is still unpublished due to the refusal of Dark Quest Books to either publish these works as agreed or to return the rights.

PAGANISM AND ANARCHISM: I have been a practicing pagan for more than thirty years, and an anarchist for almost as long. My pagan religious writing can be found here:

Clann Bhride

My articles and poetry about pagan anti-capitalism can be found here:

Gods and Radicals

POSTS ON THIS BLOG: This blog will include poetry, philosophy, and fiction.


The Gates of Ys

The Book of Onei:  The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.

Journey to Onei

Magic Harp-Strings

The Spider’s Song

An Antinomian Dream Grimoire

Seven Levels of Dreaming

A Vade Mecum

A Journey to Onei (2)

To the Keeper of the Gate

Offering Prayer

The Three Types of Dreamer

The Powers of the First Darkness

When the Sons of the Crow Came Down on Onei

A Journey to Onei (3)

Sorrow of the Gorge

The Book

How Doubt Left the Empire

Lore of Onei

Darkness and Silence

The Country of the King

Form is the Illusion: Form is the Illusion is a book about Relationship Theory, an unusual system of metaphysics developed by the late David Douglas Thompson. Relationship Theory addresses questions of ontology and epistemology in a way that is likely to be of interest to pagans and occultists.

Form Is the Illusion

A Magical Philosophy’

A Metaphysics of Relationship

Interactions Are the Reality

Ringing the Changes

The Ten Laws

The Six Axioms

Notes on Relationships

Zed Cycles

Ghosts, Gods and Archons

The Bells of Delta Epsilon

The Three Relationships

Information Speed




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11 thoughts on “Books By Christopher Scott Thompson

  1. Would love to have a long catch-up conversation. Asking you a couple of questions here will have to suffice. With regards to your mysticism, ever heard of Swedenborg (Blake was a fan)? Did you know the church on Oxford St was/is based on his teachings?

    1. It’s good to hear from you. I’d enjoy catching up as well, so drop me a line if you’re ever in Portland. Most of what I know about Swedenborg is via Blake actually, but I did know that there was a Swedenborgian church in town.

  2. Hello I love your broad range of interests in all things martial and mystical. I am writing a book on a new Holistic Healing modality called Satoro and I wanted to connect with you in regards to the Celtic Cross and Native American Medicine wheel together with the mystical and martial as well, many regards, Roy Mulholland

  3. Hi Bud I happened to come across your blog. I’m glad to see how good you’re doing! You’ve come a long ways old buddy. Email me when you have time. We wanna come down and take you out to lunch this summer. I’m ordering all of the Noctiviganti books this week. I’ve been meaning to. 😉 ttyl old buddy!!

      1. I came by it through Google books about a decade ago. I was so struck by the few pages I was able to read that I have been raiding shops and the personal shelves of unsuspecting friends, family, and even strangers, trying to get my hands on a copy ever since. (No one was harmed in the making of this comment.) I am a voracious reader with a “to be read” list that is ever changing…except for your series, which has remained at the top of it for far too long. So, now that I’ve finally been able to get in contact, please put me out of my misery. Point me in the general direction at which I need to throw money. I have to have your book!!

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