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“An astonishing tour de force of noir fantasy, characterized by some of the most beautifully lyrical, atmospheric writing I’ve come across in a long while. Chris Thompson skilfully blends the mean streets with the streets of dreams in this highly evocative concoction, offering the reader bafflement, dazzlement, gritty hard-boiled realism, wonder and astonishment in turn – but always delight. A Season of Strange Dreams will remain in your mind long after you’ve turned the final page.” (John Grant, co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy)

“C.S.Thompson summons up a darkly poetic masterpiece in A Season of Strange Dreams. Enter the life of Jim Rankin, the Nightwalker, who slips between the fabric of the dark city of Nottamun and the blackness of a dreamworld known as the Fringe. As the border of the two mysterious worlds loses definition, the Nightwalker travels through violence, memories and self-judgement to find a way to salvation. Thompson’s writing is brilliant. The imagery of his words is equal to the paintings of H.R.Giger; horrible, cruel and seductive. If you enjoyed Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, read A Season of Strange Dreams.” (I. Hunter, Portland, ME)

“There are not many authors, even in the gothic urban fantasy genres who dare to handle the darker sides of insanity and the occult as brazenly as Thompson does… A Season of Strange Dreams is one of those stories that stays with you at night when you lay down to sleep. It leaves you wondering what lies behind your dreams, what battles are fought while you sleep.” (Alan Rogers)

A Season Of Strange Dreams (Noctiviganti, #1)– Jim Rankin is Noctiviganti, a “night wanderer” who can visit the world known as the Fringe in his dreams. Jim is an occult detective, a killer and a secret policeman, the warrior retainer and unquestioning servant of the Paramount, the tyrannical yet supremely beautiful queen of the Fringe. The Fringe is the world of myth and mystery from which our own world was born at the beginning of time. At its heart is a great city, the City at the Heart of Her Dreaming, and in the city is a bottomless Pit or Abyss.  Jim has been in hiding for five years, wandering aimlessly from state to state after killing his best friend Frank Barnham on a botched mission for the Paramount. Prompted by messages from the spirits of the Fringe, Jim comes out of hiding and takes a Greyhound home to Nottamun, the city where he used to work with Frank before the killing. A reckless occultist has opened a gateway to the Fringe.  Someone has to stop more of the Fringe’s magic from corrupting our world. Someone has to close it. Jim unfortunately is it. Free Excerpt 1

And Then the Night (Noctiviganti, #2): In “And Then the Night,” Jim Rankin receives an instruction from his masters in the otherworld: “Go to Munro, Noctiviganti. You may wait in the dark no longer.” There he has a run in with a Russian mob threatening to supplant the Paramount as Queen of the Fringe. Free Excerpt 2

City of Constant Silence (Noctiviganti #3): In “City of Constant Silence,” an unknown disease is killing people from Boston’s Chinatown to the empty spaces of the desert Southwest. Its symptoms are different with every victim: Smallpox, Ebola, the Black Plague. In his dreams, Jim Rankin is in exile in the City of Constant Silence, the Dead Guard’s secret home. Back in the mortal world, he has begun taking on jobs for money, spurred by the need to make a living while he serves the Paramount. The disease is spread through a tainted batch of methamphetamine sold by Chinese gangs in Boston, so the Chinese Triad hires Jim Rankin to find out what it is. Jim owes a debt to the Witch of Dogtown, who demands that Jim repays what he owes by singing her a song from the Book of the Black School. Seeking to delay the Witch, Jim takes the job and gets out of town. Free Excerpt 3

For Now We Wait- Something’s wrong with the Boston street kids. A strange force is taking them one by one, turning them into blank-faced dolls with no emotion or conscience. The only person who can put a stop to it is Jim Rankin, the Sleepwalker, with the help of the Night Kingdom and its emissary, Brighid. But Brighid serves the Night Kingdom, not the Paramount, and her agenda is her own. Hunted by the Underwater Kids, the police, and a pair of psychopathic gangsters, Jim and Brighid must learn to trust each other or be destroyed by the enemies that surround them. COMING SOON

Tree of a Thousand Eyes- When an eccentric tribe of outlaws is threatened by creatures from the land of nightmare, Jim Rankin is called in to investigate. In the wicked town of Fort Misery, he finds a lot more than he bargained for, from a drug-dealing Satanist named Silvio Cezar to a gun-toting desert cult and a beautiful girl named Jenny Cameron who may hold the key to the Final Dark. COMING SOON

River of Doorways- In a maximum-security federal prison, Jim Rankin waits hopelessly for the Final Dark. But the prison is just another front in the secret war. Reunited with his old partner Mark Walker, Jim confronts the Aryan Initiates and their private sorcerer, a necromancer named Carlos with his own dark agenda for the future. COMING SOON

Last Days of the Night Kingdom- The Final Dark is here at last, and there is no way to prevent it or even delay it. So why are the Lords of the Abyss so terrified? Set free from prison as a government agent, Jim Rankin returns to Nottamun to find out the truth. COMING SOON


Broadsword Academy: Second Edition– The complete martial arts system of the Cateran Society, including a newly-designed Core Curriculum for the Regimental Highland Broadsword, Old Style Highland Broadsword, Sword and Targe, MacGregor Method and Cleasa. E-BOOK

Cateran Society Core Curriculum– just the new Core Curriculum, for those who already own the first edition of Broadsword Academy. E-BOOK

Highland Broadsword: Lessons, Drills and Practices– The lessons in Highland Broadsword are designed to help you learn the fundamentals of broadsword fighting, with an emphasis on developing practical skills, not on exploring the esoteric details of broadsword fencing theory.

Highland Martial Culture: The Fighting Heritage of Scotland-Highland Martial Culture examines the nature of the Gaelic warrior class and its martial training; the Gaelic duel and how it differed from the duel in continental Europe; the phenomenon of wandering swordsmen in Highland society; the Highland conception of honor; internal aspects of martial arts practice such as mental tricks, traditional charms and spells used in warfare; unusual skills such as the fast draw; and health practices associated with the warrior class.

Highland Knife Fighting With the Dirk and Sgian– In this entertaining and informative look at the Highland dirk, author Christopher Thompson examines a number of Scottish historical and oral sources to document the role of the knife in Gaelic society. Although worn by all classes of society, the dirk was the primary weapon of the common clansmen, and since it was worn indoors as well as outdoors, it was the favored weapon for acts of revenge and self-defense.

The Music of His Sword: Martial Arts of the Pagan Celts– Historical swordsmanship instructor and president of the Cateran Society Christopher Scott Thompson examines the available evidence for the martial arts of the pagan Celts. Includes the weapons of the ancient Gauls, Irish, Picts and others, as well as an exploration of martial culture, warrior spirituality and the Celtic battle goddesses. E-Book Edition


A God Who Makes Fire: Bardic Mysticism of Amergin– An in-depth examination of the famous “Cauldron of Poesy” text describing the mystical practices of the poet-seers of medieval Ireland and the legendary bard Amergin. Includes a new translation of the text, a line-by-line analysis of the original Old Irish, a new interpretation of the Cauldron system unlike any in current use and exercises for practicing the Cauldron system as a method of spiritual cultivation. E-Book Edition

The Flowers of Evil: Selected Translations From Baudelaire– A selection of my favorite pieces from Baudelaire’s classic collection of poetry about the beauties of violence, prostitution, opium addiction, urban decay and other decadent subjects. This selection is meant to replace my previous translation  of the Fleurs Du Mal, which with I am no longer satisfied. E-Book Edition

Games Dead People Play– A disillusioned gangster keeps an appointment with his murderers.A telemarketing con artist floats and remembers beneath the waters of an ice-covered lake.Two wounded bank robbers take shelter in a ruined factory and discover that even a ruin can have its defenders.These are the stories of Nottamun, a decaying mill town of criminals and victims, searching for revenge or one last score- or just waiting to be killed.A collection of crime fiction with hints of supernatural horror.

The Illuminatus DeviceGormon used to be a firewalker, an elite gunman and bodyguard in the corporate wars of the Greater Boston city-state. Disgraced and in exile after surviving a client’s assassination, Gormon ekes out a living as a border guard to avoid becoming a ronin, a rogue firewalker of the underworld known as the Water Margin. After angering a local street gang he accepts a consulting job back in Greater Boston, intending only to get his face off the street for a week or two. However, Gormon’s new client turns out to be a Water Margin adept, seeking protection from an artificial intelligence so powerful it might as well be a rogue god. A cyberpunk adventure story with metaphysical themes. E-BOOK

I Remember NothingLegend tells of a place called the Black School, where apprentice necromancers go to learn their trade from the demons of Hell. There is no tuition at the Black School- except for the soul of the last student out the door on graduation day. The most talented student the Black School ever had was a man named Michael, who wriggled free of the demon’s grasp when his fellow students betrayed him. Although Michael escaped, the demons pulled his shadow away from him as he ran out the door. Now he flees from land to land, doing anything it takes to stay alive and one step ahead of Hell- no matter how vile. An extremely dark sword and sorcery epic, I Remember Nothing may upset some readers due to its graphic depictions of war, violence and genocide. E-BOOK

Mythorealism: When Myth Incarnates in the Waking World– Myths are the manifestations of the fundamental mysteries. Myths are the universe expressed in poetic form- those things which are more true than the merely factual. As such they are accessible now, in the “waking world” of mundane reality, and not only in some forgotten past, some distant faraway realm, or in books of ancient mythology. A collection of essays on philosophy, pagan theology, myth and related topics from C.S. Thompson’s “Night Wandering” blog and elsewhere. E-BOOK

Nottamun Town– A collection of bizarre, dark and extreme urban fantasy set in the fictional city of Nottamun, setting of The Noctiviganti Series. Unlike Games Dead People Play, this is not primarily a collection of crime fiction. However, the stories contain graphic scenes of violence, horror, sexuality and the occult and may disturb some readers.

The School of Silence– What exactly is poetry and how can you tell good poetry from bad? Does poetry need to have some sort of form, or is it enough to simply express your own emotions? Is poetry just a term for the highly refined and concentrated use of language, or can it also be a spiritual practice? What might the poetry of an alien civilization or an artificial intelligence be like? A philosophical dialogue in the tradition of Plato and Confucius, in a science fiction setting.

Suicide KingMeet Coleman King- street thug, con artist, frustrated intellectual, heavy drinker, punk singer and childcare provider. Cole is not a very wise young man, but he does have a highly-developed sense of gallows humor about his own increasingly awful situation. Every decision he makes is a black joke, getting him in over his head with the Boston crime family, the Dogtown police department, a crew of punk hardcore fanatics, a Scottish radical splinter group, the Irish Republican Army, an Israeli gangster, a cult of barracuda worshipers and some extraordinarily decadent Goths. Can his occasional moments of empathy and intelligence save him from the curse of his own personality? A darkly humorous crime fiction coming-of-age story. COMING SOON


Cry Quietly7046 words. A desperate man seeking his own destruction meets a woman whose inner darkness dwarfs his own and falls instantly, fatally in love. A short crime story set in the city of Nottamun several years before A Season of Strange Dreams and the other Noctiviganti novels. Features Jim Rankin’s old friend John “The Baptist” Barton. For those who like their crime fiction hardboiled, violent and bleak.

The Flowers of Evil: Selected Translations From Baudelaire – A selection of translations from Baudelaire’s infamous collection of poetry about the aesthetic beauties of violence, prostitution, opium addiction, urban decay and other decadent subjects.

The Pit Priestess 8967 words.Smart, sexy and far more deadly than her legendary older brother John “The Baptist,” Bianca Barton schemes and kills her way through the city of Nottamun, stopping at nothing to find the Nothing Box and learn the truth about the Abyss before it swallows her up. A dark and violent urban fantasy set in the city of Nottamun just after A Season of Strange Dreams.

The Poetry of Necromancy7978 words. Three short stories set in the city of Nottamun, home of the Noctiviganti novels. A folklore professor obsessed with the occult meets an actual necromancer and learns the truth about the undead. A hitch-hiking woman tries to walk through a small patch of trees between the lanes on the interstate and finds it surprisingly difficult. The ghost of a murdered man wanders aimlessly through the empty rooms of an abandoned factory until he meets the Night Children.

The School of SilenceWhat exactly is poetry and how can you tell good poetry from bad? Does poetry need to have some sort of form, or is it enough to simply express your own emotions? Is poetry just a term for the highly refined and concentrated use of language, or can it also be a spiritual practice? What might the poetry of an alien civilization or an artificial intelligence be like? A philosophical dialogue in the tradition of Plato and Confucius, in a science fiction setting.

Something Must Break5549 words. A man who paints icons for the Orthodox church meets an evangelist for a strange cult whose god is dead… yet dreaming. An extremely dark urban fantasy with a Lovecraftian twist set in the city of Nottamun, home of the Noctiviganti novels.


This False World: “This False World” is a posthumous collaboration between composer David Douglas Thompson and poet C.S. Thompson. My father, David Douglas Thompson, was a brilliant composer of dark ambient, neo-classical and occasionally even EBM-inspired electronic music. We often discussed the possibility of a collaboration, and after he passed away in October 2006, I began to put this project together, using selections from his final album “Whom the Gods Would Destroy,” as well as pieces from his earlier albums. Combining these with selections from my own poetry and slideshows of paintings by William Blake and Henry Fuseli, I created these videos.
Stormrider: From “This False World.”
Gnosis: From “This False World.”
Agnosia: From “This False World.”
The Traveller: From “This False World.”
The Terrible and Fascinating Mystery: From “This False World.”
Earthbound Spirits: From “This False World.”
Sparta: From “This False World.”
Freedom: From “This False World.”

8 thoughts on “Books By C.S. Thompson

  1. Would love to have a long catch-up conversation. Asking you a couple of questions here will have to suffice. With regards to your mysticism, ever heard of Swedenborg (Blake was a fan)? Did you know the church on Oxford St was/is based on his teachings?

    1. It’s good to hear from you. I’d enjoy catching up as well, so drop me a line if you’re ever in Portland. Most of what I know about Swedenborg is via Blake actually, but I did know that there was a Swedenborgian church in town.

  2. Hello I love your broad range of interests in all things martial and mystical. I am writing a book on a new Holistic Healing modality called Satoro and I wanted to connect with you in regards to the Celtic Cross and Native American Medicine wheel together with the mystical and martial as well, many regards, Roy Mulholland

  3. Hi Bud I happened to come across your blog. I’m glad to see how good you’re doing! You’ve come a long ways old buddy. Email me when you have time. We wanna come down and take you out to lunch this summer. I’m ordering all of the Noctiviganti books this week. I’ve been meaning to.😉 ttyl old buddy!!

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