Gates of Ys

Gradlon's flight by Évariste Vital Luminais


Half a nation drowned by water,

Half consumed by fire.

Those who profit, smug with laughter,

Fear no prophet calling “Liar!”.


Ash comes floating from the heavens,

Storms come rolling in.

Preachers close the doors of churches,

Calmly fold their hands, and grin.


We who listened, we who bargained,

Now praise God in sheer despair.

Gods like fire and wind and water

Do not heed such prayers.


Sorcerers of coal and oil,

We invoked, they came.

Never mind the prayers and praises,

Last-ditch rages, guilt and blame.


Gods as deaf as us have gathered:

Storm and flame and wind.

Now the gates of Ys are opened.

Now the ocean rushes in.


Picture: Gradlon’s flight by Évariste Vital Luminais