The Three Types of Dreamer

The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.


Lightseers- night wanderers who most easily or frequently contact celestial and benevolent entities.


Earthseers- dreamers who dream true things, but of Earth and not of Onei.


Darkseers- night wanderers who most easily or frequently contact cthonic and horrifying entities.


It’s not that the blue-green mountains don’t appeal.

I can feel their majesty,

Their sense of distance.

It’s just that there’s also something else-

For instance,

The something wicked that this way comes

In the witching hour,

The drunken trembling of branch and stem

And the formless Power.

And if I should sometimes prefer

To attach myself

To some beautiful chaos-

I can pay what it costs.


– from The Book of Onei, Part 1: The Art of Night Wandering

Image by Albert Pinkham Ryder

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