The Wonder, the Horror, and the Art

The Book of Onei is an antinomian dream grimoire, providing deceptive yet true information about the art of Oneiromancy or dream magic in the form of poetry, fantasy, and intentionally ambiguous instructions.

A trio of goddesses named the Playful One, the Flowing One and Bloody-Face. The Playful One plays a bone harp. The Flowing One sings. Bloody-Face moans eerily in the form of a gray standing stone. The Flowing One once slew a dragon by diving into its mouth and cutting her way back out through its belly with her sword. Bloody-Face sometimes takes the form of a giantess dancing wildly, holding a severed head. The Playful One sometimes manifests as a little girl with curly hair, wearing a red dress. She can destroy worlds with the smallest gesture.


The three goddesses, when they were girls,

Were always quarreling. Bloody-Face

Would make a mess when the Flowing One

Sought to impress her friends. She would turn

Into a giantess and dance like

A madwoman with a severed head.

Meanwhile the Playful One, who was dressed

In red, didn’t think it was funny

At all. And with a shake of her curls

She would destroy whole worlds. Now, these girls

Are all grown. Bloody-Face, made of stone,

Moans crazily in the winter wind.

The Playful One plays along on a

White harp made of bone. The Flowing One

Sings a song. They never got along.

And now, by the will of the great gods,

These three goddesses can never part.

The wonder, the horror and the art.


– from the Book of Onei, Part III: The Powers of Onei


Image by John Bauer